Nabokov, Vladimir

[Nabokov as Pnin (1958)]

Vladimir Vladimirovich Nabokov

Select Bibliography:

novels in Russian:

Mashen'ka [Машенька] (1926) - English translation: Mary (1970)
Korol' Dama Valet [Король, дама, валет] (1928) - English translation: King, Queen, Knave (1968)
Zashchita Luzhina [Защита Лужина] (1930) - English translation: The Defense (1964)
Sogliadatai [Соглядатай] (1932) - English translation: The Eye (1965)
Podvig [Подвиг] (1932) English translation: Glory (1971)
Kamera Obskura [Камера Обскура] (1933) English translations: Camera Obscura (1936); Laughter in the Dark (1938)
Otchayanie [Отчаяние] (1934) - English translations: Despair (1937; 1966)
Priglasheniye na kazn' (Приглашение на казнь] (1936) - English translation: Invitation to a Beheading (1959)
Dar [Дар] (1938) - English translation: The Gift (1963)
Volshebnik [Волшебник] (1939 - unpublished) - English translation: The Enchanter (1985)

novels in English:

The Real Life of Sebastian Knight (1941)
Bend Sinister (1947)
Lolita (1955) (in Russian - 1965)
Pnin (1957)
Pale Fire (1962)
Ada or Ardor: A Family Chronicle (1969)
Transparent Things (1972)
Look at the Harlequins! (1974)
The Original of Laura (1977 - unpublished)
Novels and Memoirs: 1943-1951, ed. Brian Boyd. Library of America, 1996.
Novels: 1955-1962, ed. Brian Boyd. Library of America, 1996.
Novels: 1969-1974, ed. Brian Boyd. Library of America, 1996.

short stories:

Vozvrashchenie Chorba ["The Return of Chorb"] (1930)
Sogliadatai ["The Eye"] (1938)
Nine Stories (1947)
Vesna v Fial'te i drugie rasskazy ["Spring in Fialta and other stories"] (1956)
Nabokov's Dozen: A Collection of Thirteen Stories (1958)
Nabokov's Quartet (1966)
Nabokov's Congeries (1968)
The Portable Nabokov (1971)
A Russian Beauty and Other Stories (1973)
Tyrants Destroyed and Other Stories (1975)
Details of a Sunset and Other Stories (1976)
The Stories of Vladimir Nabokov (1995)
Cloud, Castle, Lake (2005)
"Natasha," The New Yorker, June 9 & 16, 2008.


Izobretenie Val'sa [The Waltz Invention] (1938) - English translation The Waltz Invention: A Play in Three Acts (1966)
Lolita: A Screenplay (1974)
The Man from the USSR and Other Plays (1984)


Stikhi ["Poems"] (1916)
[with Andrei Balashov] Al'manakh: Dva Puti ["An Almanach: Two Paths"] (1918)
Grozd ["The Cluster"] (1922)
Gornii Put' ["The Empyrean Path"] (1923)
Vozvrashchenie Chorba ["The Return of Chorb"] (1929)
Stikhotvoreniia 1929–1951 ["Poems 1929–1951"] (1952)
Poems (1959)
Poems and Problems (1969)
Stikhi ["Poems"] (1979)


Romain Rolland. Nikolka Persik [Colas Breugnon] (1922).
Lewis Carroll. Anya v stranie chudes [Аня в стране чудес](1923)
Three Russian Poets: Selections from Pushkin, Lermontov, and Tyutchev (1945)Pushkin, Lermontov, Tyutchev: Poems (1947)
Mikhail Lermontov. A Hero of Our Time (1954 - with Dmitri Nabokov)
The Song of Igor's Campaign: An Epic of the Twelfth Century (1960)
Eugene Onegin, by Aleksandr Pushkin, in prose, 4 vols (1964 / 1975)
Verses and Versions (2008)


Nikolai Gogol (1944)
Notes on Prosody (1963)
Strong Opinions. Interviews, reviews, letters to editors (1973) Lectures on Literature (1980)
Lectures on Ulysses. Facsimiles of Nabokov's notes (1980)
Lectures on Russian Literature (1981)
Lectures on Don Quixote (1983)
Nabokov's Butterflies, collected works on butterflies (2000)


Conclusive Evidence: A Memoir (1951)
Drugie Berega [Другие берега] (1954 - "Other Shores")
Speak, Memory: An Autobiography Revisited (1967)
Carrousel (1987)

The Nabokov–Wilson Letters (1979)
Perepiska s Sestroi [Переписка с Сестрой] (1984)
Selected Letters (1989)
Dear Bunny, Dear Volodya: The Nabokov–Wilson Letters, 1940–1971 (2001)

Biography & Secondary Literature:

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Hindi SMS said...

A must read and a literary classic. Nabokov represents emotions and thoughts with mathematical visual precision. You can feel that each word is weighed against the rest of the sentence, against the rest of the paragraph against the rest of the novel, following the strict tone of the entire piece. Unity is one of the main features of art.
Every page gets laughs.. sometimes its laugh out loud funny. A delight to read..