Pasternak, Boris

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Boris Leonidovich Pasternak

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A Twin in the Clouds (1914)
Above the Barriers (1917)
My Sister, Life (1922)
Themes and Variations (1923)
Lieutenant Schmidt (1926)
1905 (1927)
The High Malady (1928)
Spektorsky (1931)
Second Birth (1932)
Georgian Lyric Poetry (1935)
Selected Translations (1940)
On Early Trains (1943)
Earth's Vastness (1945)
Fifty Poems, trans. Lydia Pasternak (1949)
Poems 1955-1959, trans. Michael Harari (1960)
Selected Poems, trans. Jon Stallworthy & Peter France (1983)

A Tale [The Last Summer] (1934)
The Last Summer, trans. George Reavey (1959)
Doctor Zhivago (1957)
Doctor Zhivago, trans. Max Hayward & Manya Harari (1958)

short stories:

Aerial Ways: Four Stories (1925)
Safe Conduct: An Autobiography and Other Writings, trans. Robert Payne (1949)
Zhenia's Childhood, trans. Alec Brown (1958)
Voices of Prose: Vol. 1 - Early Prose and Autobiography, trans. C. J. Barnes (1977)


The Blind Beauty, trans. Max Hayward & Manya Harari (1969)

autobiography & letters:

Safe Conduct (1931)
An Essay in Autobiography (1957)
An Essay in Autobiography, trans. Manya Harari (1959)
Letters to Georgian Friends, trans. David Magarshack (1968)
Correspondence with Olga Freidenberg, trans. Elliott Mossmann (1982)
[with Marina Tsvetayeva & Rainer Maria Rilke] Letters Summer 1926: Correspondence between Pasternak, Tsvetayeva, Rilke, ed. Evgeny Pasternak, Elean Pasternak & Konstantin M. azadovsky; trans. Margaret Wettlin & Walter Arndt (1986)

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